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Revolution Sermon Series

Dear Pinedale Family,

A new year means a new opportunity.  As I write these words, 2019 is just four days old – a blank canvas waiting to be filled. Instead of putting your head down and following the same old routine you have followed in the past, this is a perfect opportunity to ask God what new things He wants to do in you and through you this year.

So often we approach the Gospel message with a blind-spot for “right now.” We know that Jesus died for our sins, which means His Grace is big enough for even the most painful past. We also know Jesus has secured our future, so that one day we will live in God’s presence for eternity.

But what about today? What about right now? What does the Gospel mean for me today?

This Sunday we are launching a new preaching series to explore that question. We are calling the series REVOLUTION, because that’s what Jesus brought – REVOLUTIONARY teaching; REVOLUTIONARY love; REVOLUTIONARY power. And when He takes up residence inside of you and me, He can bring REVOLUTIONARY transformation.

So why am I telling you this? If you received this email, that means you are connected with Pinedale. I want to challenge you to commit to come to Church every Sunday in January and be part of this exciting new series . . . AND . . . find the courage to invite someone to join you. January is a perfect time to invite your neighbors because many are soul-searching and making resolutions, and so they may be particularly open to this type of teaching.

We will kick things off on Sunday, January 6 with a special service. Tyler McKenzie will join us for both services. Tyler is the senior minister at Northeast Christian Church in Louisville, KY. He is also a Timothy of Pinedale who is a gifted preacher and teacher. I know you will be blessed by his message.

So I hope to see you this Sunday! And please join us in praying for a REVOLUTION. 

In Christ,

Matthew Sink


Revolution 1.6.19 from Pinedale Christian Church on Vimeo.