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Men's Ministry About Us

Welcome to the Pinedale Men’s Ministry page!

Our vision:

To help men become all that God calls them to be.

Our mission:

Inspire growth in the sons of God through discipleship, accountability, fellowship, and encouragement in a safe and honest environment.

Our strategy:

In case you haven’t noticed, men are different from women! (Shocking, right?) If you ask the typical guy, he tends to be independent and is less interested in stuff that seems overly “churchy.” He tends to prefer small groups, and those that meet outside the church walls earn bonus points. (Add food to the mix, and you have an easy winner!) This is not to say discipleship for men is unimportant. Quite the contrary! Men are called by God to be spiritual leaders at home, at work, and in the church.

With these preferences in mind, we tend to take a more “decentralized” view of men’s ministry. Our focus is encouraging the creation and growth of small groups of guys led by men just like you throughout our congregation. These guys are simply following God’s leading to bring other men together. They struggle to overcome the same things you do. Some are young, some are… more experienced. Regardless, they are all brothers in Christ. We encourage you to reach out to learn more about a group that interests you, or simply show up.

Stop making excuses (schedule too busy, etc.) and get involved! Are you strong enough to follow Jesus to become God’s Man?

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