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Session 2 : Day 1, 2 & 3

January 10, 2019 by Aimee Pence 0 comments

Posted in: Women's Bible Study

OH, MY GRACIOUS...what a day!  But I survived it.  And as I sit on my bed (the pups quietly snoring in the background) finishing day 3 of Session 2, I am refreshed and renewed.  I sense a calm and a hope settling in my heart tonight.

"As God is is God who strengthens us, with you in Christ and has anointed us."  2 Corinthians 1:18a, 21 HCSB

Quick little sidenote - take a moment and think about your day, your friends, your family, etc.  Does someone come to mind.  Now pause and lift that person to God in prayer.  

And Beautiful Ones, how are you?  I have been praying for you. 

This won't be a long post but I do want to share a couple of things from the first three days of our homework.  

On page 16, there was a PERSONAL REFLECTION that I wanted to get a little feedback on.  It asks,

Without a judgemental spirit (so hard for me sometimes!), how have you seen the Western church at large uncritically accept certain cultural norms that are blatantly unbiblical?  

This one stumped me.  Is it because I choose to ignore the hard questions like this?  What do you all think?  Comment below.

And I loved day 2 - GOD is the source of ALL COMPASSION! 

Receiving comfort requires humility and vulnerability before the Lord, open hands that say we don't know it all or have it all and need our Savior (SO IMPORTANT!).

And...As Christians, we never have to suffer without Christ's comfort, and I believe there are certain comforts we will never know apart from His suffering.

As my husband Paul's Grammy used to say "THAT'S RICH"!!

How about day 3, ladies?  Do you shy away from difficult relationships?  If we let love be our motivator then we don't have to.  I am not saying others will immediately change from difficult to easy to get along with but love, God's love has a way of softening hearts and attitudes - AMEN?

I am getting tired and it's getting late (8:09pm)...Don't judge me.  I am up at 5:00am so to me it is late;p.  I will leave you with this...

Whether we serve as bosses, teachers, mothers, ministry leaders, or have other positions of authority, we could solve a multitude of problems if we worked for the joy of those we oversee.

HUGS to you all!  Now go out tomorrow and this weekend and let JOY & LOVE be your motivation! 

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